This is the time to have some serious fun!

Have you been moving your body outside as much as you can lately?
Do you see your friends outside?
Are you laughing outside?
We are all forced to live in cramped conditions due to the corona disaster for long periods of time.
To those who are not going to school or work, not making more friends, and not playing to the fullest.

Why don’t you come and have some serious fun?
Why don’t you play cricket with all your might, sweat and laugh out loud?


Cricket experiences are offered.
All the tools used are simple kits of plastic bats and rubber balls.
We also have a mini-game for everyone at the end. We will show you some real tools and will also perform a simple demonstration.
You are welcome to invite your friends, parents, siblings, and of course, you are welcome to participate by yourself!

CrickeTRY CUP 

Cricket exchange matches will be held.
A team of six members will form a team and play against each other, starting in the morning.The tournament will be based on simplified rules for competitions.
The equipment will be a simple kit (plastic bat and rubber ball) that will be provided by us.
Teams are welcome to participate, as well as single participants.

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